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Through ceaseless research and efforts, HANCHANG Engineering Co., Ltd.
will take one step further for a better future.

Cryogenic high-temperature & high-pressure insulation double pipe

  • Development of the cryogenic high-pressure insulation double pipe for LNG fuel propulsion system
  • Cryogenic insulation double pipe: Application of the vacuum insulation and insulation film for maintaining a cryogenic state
  • Extra high-pressure double pipe: Leakage monitoring of high-pressure gas by letting inert gas flow between the inside and outside of pipe

Cryogenic fuel storage tank

  • Development of LNG fuel storage vessel for LNG ship fuel propulsion system
  • Development of liquefied gas storage vessels with different capacities
  • Development of the cryogenic fuel storage tank with excellent insulation performance
  • Development of micro bulk-type cryogenic storage vessel
  • Spatial optimization design and integrated multi valve

Robot welding system

  • Development of the automation process based on robot welding system
  • Application of automated welding process for pipe, pressure vessel, etc.
  • Robot system improvement and intellectual property rights for applying automated process
  • Automated welding robot system
    →Additional 3-axis rotator
    →Applied welding: GTAW, GMAW/Butt & Fillet Welding
    →Applied product: general steel pipe and stainless pipe 100 ~ 400A, 5~25S

Production of 6WAY VALVE test product for changer over

  • All-in-one structure design
  • Internal installation of balance valve
  • Installation time shortening and production cost saving

LNG performance evaluation system

  • Machine room (1F): Configuration of LNG fuel supply system
  • Measure room (1F): Performance test monitoring
  • Laboratory (2F): Double pipe high-pressure/low-pressure test
  • Outer: Cryogenic tank (LNG tank)